10 things we learnt from our first trekking trip

1. We can walk every day for two weeks and we still enjoy it. We easily got into the routine, we set off every morning, followed the GR70 signs through hills and tiny hamlets and arrived at the pre-booked accommodation at a village mid or late afternoon. We ate when we were hungry, stopped to admire the views when we wanted and tried to enjoy every day.

2. Everything we needed on the trail fit into two 30L rucksacks. Rinsing T-shirts and socks in the evenings was not too bad but we didn`t need the extra T-shirt, so next time we can take even less.

3. In France people really don`t (want to) speak English. But if we met with the same people 2 or 3 times, or if they were curious to find out something then after a while some of them miraculously started speaking some English.

4. Luckily we were able to have an espresso every morning before we started the walk. Jacint also put coffee in our thermos, mixing instant coffee with hot water from the tap. The result was not the best and made me grimace every time I tasted it, but it was better than nothing, and during the trek it went down easily.

5. In France it is possible to get a bottle of wine almost anywhere. We bought some from a farmhouse in a hamlet and even from the butcher in a tiny village.

6. However we didn`t really need our own travel wine cups. We took 2 plastic cups for coffee and/ or wine but in most hotels cups or glasses were provided.

7. Fresh croissant from the local bakery, coffee from a local cafe tasted better and was a lot cheaper than breakfast in the hotel. The perfect lunch was cheese and baguette with great mountain views. Our dinner was often cheese, baguette with wine maybe some chocolate for dessert. There was an option to buy dinner at hotels and gǐtes and when we did we ate local food.

8. However we learnt it early on that we should never rely on rumours of a tiny village shop somewhere half way in a 30km day. When that shop was closed we stayed hungry. From the following day we carried emergency food supplies.

9. There are other people who enjoy walking as much as we do.



10. For us walking in the mountains is still the best way to relax and forget about the troubles and problems. Every single day was planned around the distance we had to walk and one of the biggest problems were where to find food for a day. We liked our first long distance trek so much that we would want to do more in the (near) future.

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