Camping in the UK

Weekend in a tent?

For years we didn`t consider it. To spend a wet weekend in a small tent wasn`t on our bucket list. Sleeping in a tent wasn`t a problem we were only concerned about the ever changing weather.

Give it a go

However a couple of years ago we finally braved the elements and spent a weekend walking and camping. And we had a surprisingly great time. We hiked trails during the day and then we spent the evening sitting under the stars sipping wine from a plastic wine cup. We were woken by the early morning light when the birds greeted the new day with their cheerful chirp. The weather was kind to us, and we enjoyed a dry weekend. The first camping trip was such a great experience that ever since if we want to spend a long weekend outdoors we go camping. Yes, the nights can be really cold, it can be wet but we managed to have some memorable getaways. And it is so much cheaper than B&B`s or hotels.

Other campers

However it became obvious during the early camping days that some people take camping more seriously than us.

We only take that is absolutely necessary; a small tent, mattresses, sleeping bags, extra blankets, two chairs, a small table. Additionally we take two plates, cups and a small stove. The list was a lot shorter on the first trip and is admittedly growing from one trip to another. But some people spend half of the day building a huge tent and then furnish it with folding beds with proper bedding. Next to their tent they might build a serious mobile kitchen with full kitchenware and an outdoor stove, encircled with a wind-breaker.

Pitching the tent

A usual day

In the mornings I sheepishly put the two plastic cups on the small folding table and we make some coffee while others make cooked breakfast in their mobile kitchen. We only use the tent for sleeping and usually spend the day with walking. If weather allows, we like to sit in front of the tent in the evenings. We like to stay at campsites where (on the last day) we can leave the tent during the day. When we return in the early evening the only luxury for us is a warm shower.