Coffee to go

No coffee, no start

It is the most important thing in the morning. Over the years we developed different methods to make coffee in the morning when we are not at home. If we couldn`t make it we had to set off early in search of a café.

So the solution was to stay in self catering accommodations, where in a small kitchen we managed to make some coffee with a cafetiere.

New issue

But when we started going on small camping trips we faced a new problem. In the mornings we had to wait for the campsite`s shop to open, where we could buy some watery black stuff. It was never strong or nice enough for us so we always had to find a café to have proper espresso later in the morning.

Trial and error

Once we almost found a solution; and took a travel kettle for a camping trip. But it took ages to warm the water in the kettle, and the coffee we made wasn`t great. But the real surprise came when we tried to leave the campsite; our car wouldn`t start….thanks for the travel kettle the battery was dead. We had to ask someone at the campsite to help to start our car. So after that we never took the travel kettle for a camping trip again.

An other time we asked for hot water from the campsite`s shop but they were not entirely happy that we didn`t want to buy the overpriced watery coffee. As a last resort we tried to use the hot water from the tap. Of course the water was not hot enough and the result was not good.


Some days we bought some cold, sugary canned coffee at a small local shop. We placed the cans at the entrance of the tent and we were able to have these  first thing in the morning. None of these methods were a great success so most days we ended up buying some, in a café en route to the trails. Jacint was desperate to find the best solution as he didn`t like to spend too much on bad coffee or deal with me when I was grumpy without my morning starter.

The Bialetti

So this year, before our first camping trip, he bought a camping stove. We took our coffee maker and ground coffee from home and Jacint proudly set up the new stove every morning at the campsite before the shop was open. While sitting outside we enjoyed the nice hot drink and then made some more to fill the thermos as well. We then were well prepared for the day.