Roseberry Topping

A walk near Great Ayton

It was a crisp sunny Sunday in North Yorkshire. We spent the weekend with our friends near Middlesbrough, and they know too well that we love to go out for a walk. The Roseberry Topping is one of their favourite nearby. So after a late breakfast we drove to Great Ayton and parked outside of the village.

rosberry topping

Roseberry Topping

We approached and climbed the popular Roseberry Topping from many different ways in the past few years and now it is one of those familiar places that I am happy to visit any time.
We started walking on the path with views, it then turned towards this iconic hill and climbed among trees. After the first gentle climb we had time to catch our breath as we walked across an open area, heading to Roseberry Topping. The hill might only be 320m, however from each side there is a short but steep climb to the peak. Unfriendly wind greeted us on the top, where many people admired the views on that Sunday afternoon.

rosberry topping views

Captain Cook's Monument

It was great to see that all those people chose to walk on that sunny Sunday afternoon.
From the peak we descended on a different path and continued to the Cook`s Monument.

cleveland way marker

The views were great and the wind eased as soon as we left the peak. The easy section towards the Monument gave opportunity for more chatting.

captain cook's monument

From the Cook`s Monument we descended among trees and then followed some paths back to the car in Great Ayton. It was an easy but great walk with pleasant sunshine, and fine views.
Satisfied with the day we finished the hike with a beer in a pub before returning to our friends’ house for a Sunday roast.