Vincent’s first trip

End of a long wait

Vincent used to work at RAC as a recovery van. He loves long drives and is always ready for a new adventure. He was a perfect match for us. Vincent’s first trip had to wait a little until most of the work was done. He only joined our household at Easter and there is a lot to do before Vincent can be called a campervan. Jacint spent the dark winter months with planning and researching and now he works hard to transform the bare inside into a cosy inviting living area.

Trip to the Cotswolds

It was far from ready for the Bank Holiday weekend, but most of the insulation was installed and the walls were carpeted and we were desperate to have a short weekend away. For Vincent’s first trip we decided to `camp` inside the van and packed our camping gear (minus the tent) and went to the Cotswolds on Saturday morning. In the afternoon we walked from Slaughters and followed some pleasant trails over the hills and then along the river.

We had an early pub dinner in Stow-on-the-wold and we then stopped for the night at the edge of a quiet forest near Winchcombe. The temperature outside was dropping rapidly but it was pleasant and cosy inside. We watched three young deer playing in the field in a disappearing daylight and then climbed into our sleeping bags.

The night was so cold I had to make myself very small and use the extra blankets but we woke for a bright sunny morning. (It was probably still warmer than a tent and for the next getaway the insulation will be finished and the bed will be installed). After breakfast we followed a beautiful circular trail from Cleeve Common before we drove home in the late afternoon sunshine.

Vincent has already given us some of the long lost freedom and flexibility back. I know that we will have some great adventures together.