Trip report: The Algarve

Algarve research

We were eager to continue our research while hiking the Algarve and find the best walks the area could offer. We learnt so much about the ever changing landscape and the people who can call the Algarve home.

Castle of Silves

Grey sky and heavy rain greeted us at first but the next day, we completed our first walk under the Mediterranean sun.

The routine

We quickly got into a pleasant routine of getting ready in the morning, walking, making notes, taking photos, drinking in the views, stopping for picnics. And then returning to the apartment in the evening downloading the collected data, eat and research for the following day.



During the two weeks we walked over 200km, had about 70 sandwiches, about 70-80 litres of water, 28-35 bananas, couple of packs of biscuits, some delicious chocolates. 14 dinners, bottles of wine (number is not important), 1 wet, 1 grey and 12 sunny days.

Jacint and myself followed the coastal path and enjoyed the stunning views of the rugged coast. We went through tiny villages, walked on cork oak and pine-covered slopes. We have found some trails on the slopes of Foia, the highest point in the Algarve. And we were spoilt with great views every day.

Hills near Bordeira village

We barely touched down in Gatwick but we were already dreaming of the next trip. We were also wondering when will be the next opportunity for hiking in the Algarve.