Why go walking?

Walking for the health benefits

Walking is a simple activity. Its health benefits are known and recently have been given more publicity. But what walking in the mountains means to the individual? It might be different for everyone, but people who enjoy hiking most probably agree that, at the end of the walk they get more than aching legs and tired body.

Walkers in the Lake District
walkers in the Lake District


It is hard to explain for people who are not into hiking why we go for a walk in the mountains. Of course there are the extensive views, the waterfalls, and the forest. For us the rocky mountains and the narrow trails are the best place to be, to forget about everyday problems.
It is maybe because there is more focus on simple needs on the trail. Walk, drink enough water, find a nice picnic spot, apply enough sun cream, admire the views. I like to feel the breeze and the sun on my face, the sweat rolling down my back, hear the trickling water, watch the rushing water on rocks, listen to birdsong and rustling leaves, smell the scent of wild flowers. It is relaxing as my mind clears and I enjoy the views of the rugged mountains, the valley or the craggy coastline. I like the narrow paths on rocky mountainside where I have to focus on most of my steps.

Lake District
Lake District

The views

It is also very satisfying to reach a summit and enjoy the views. Jacint usually takes lots of photos, but even without looking at them I can always remember the trails. We have many memories that we can recall on a grey and boring day.
Charming towns can be attractive, and we love to explore castles and historical sites but the beauty of nature amazes us every time we set off for a hike.
And at the end of a hiking day, a glass of wine – sitting under the star dotted sky - tastes better than in any stylish restaurant.