5 things I miss about travelling

Last year`s cancelled trips and the uncertain start of 2021 left us longing to travel more than ever. I have found myself painfully missing everything about travelling even the things that some people wouldn`t consider as the best part of travelling. I miss everything from planning to getting on the plane and of course being there.

5 things I miss about travelling


I miss being able to choose a destination that is not based on the actual `travel corridors` and/or government announcements and quarantine requirements but based on where we want to go and what we want to do. We usually spend hours and hours looking at the maps and researching the hiking trails. I know we can still do that, and we definitely spent endless hours researching trails and reading about amazing places and looking at stunning photos in the past year, but without actually going to the well researched place the research is not quiet the same.

Trail map

Getting up early

I don`t like to get up early at all, however I never complain if my alarm goes off at 3am because we have to drive to the airport. I miss having the hassle of getting there. For a great trip I would do that any day…just give me my coffee!


At the airport

I miss the airport routine. Trying to stuff my things (mini toiletries, Kindle, hoodie etc) back to my backpack after collecting them from the plastic tray at security. Somehow it can never be re-packed the same way as it was done at home. Walking around aimlessly, have a coffee before going to the gates.


Arriving at destination and the first day

I miss the moment when – squinting in the sun (hopefully) – I step off the plane. And then I patiently join the queue at the passport control. And probably another queue to collect our hire car. I miss the moment when we look around for the first time in the accommodation that would be home for our stay. Exploring the town/village for the first time and go to the local supermarket to get some essentials for the following day.

being there

Being there

I simply miss being there, wherever it is! I miss hiking day after day, doing a little sightseeing, buying only the local wines, tasting the local food and sit beneath the star dotted sky in the evenings. I miss planning the next day’s hike. I miss our freedom to travel.

But of course these 5 things I miss about travelling is just the backbone of the long-long list I could write about the subject. Millions of people are in the same shoes as we are and just hoping for an already late return to a normal life.