The invisible enemy


Recently there is no escape from the unsettling news. Countries are shutting their boarders and towns are going into lock down due to the coronavirus. Panic and fear sweeps across the world and people are suffering in many ways. Not only they have to fight an invisible enemy; a new virus, but there is a great disruption in every part of their daily lives. Businesses are closing down, flights are grounded, streets are deserted, and millions face isolation. No doubt that communities that benefit from tourism will suffer greatly.

narrow street

With the latest advise against all international travel it is a very troubling time for the travel industry. As probably most hikers and outdoor enthusiasts I have a constant urge to explore. Being outdoors, walking in the mountains still seems the safest place to be in this crazy world. Hopefully we can still go for a hike and we will try and use this time to research, read, dream and plan future trips.