What to take for a multi-day hike

Research for a multi-day trek

You have to make sure that you research the trail before your trip. If it`s your first multi day trek you might want to choose a trail where you can book accommodation for every night. It is usually advisable to book ahead as some small settlements only have a few places and they get booked up quickly. This would save you spending on lightweight tent and sleeping bag. If you have the gear for day walks then you most probably have everything for a multi-day trek. The key is to keep everything to the minimum as you don`t want to carry unnecessary items.

Backpacking equipment


A lightweight and comfortable 30-34L backpack should be enough for a 2 week trek. Try to pack everything into the bag before your trip and make sure you leave some room for food.


Hiking boots are the most important gear for the multi-day trek. Take your trusted pair and pack hiking sandals or flip flops for the evenings. (I always take my hiking sandals as I could wear them for walking if anything happens to my boots).

Morning coffee


What you need will depend on the destination. You will need warmer clothes if you are trekking in a colder climate or in the winter. However if you are planning a multi day trek somewhere in Europe during the warmer months (April-Oct) the following items should be enough.
2-3 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve technical T shirt, 1 pair of hiking trousers (quick dry), 1 pair of shorts, 1 fleece and/or soft shell jacint, 1 waterproof jacket. 3 pairs of socks, 3 underwear, sun hat and maybe sunglasses. Take a separate T shirt for the nights. To make things lighter travel in your hiking clothes and boots.


You have to keep this to the absolute minimum. Take a travel size sun cream, shampoo and shower gel. I also take a deodorant, lip balm, hand steriliser and a small hair brush. You can take a small micro travel towel, it comes handy after a dip in a river or if your accommodation doesn`t provide one.



That is where things can get tricky.
-Torch, penknife.
-Hydration bladder can be useful to carry water for your day.
-Camera and lens and memory cards, extra battery. You can probably use your phone to capture things on your trek. (but we prefer to take photos with a camera)
-Drybags: they come in different sizes and are very useful; keep your money, bank cards and passport in a drybag. You might want to keep a set of clothes in a drybag to make sure you have dry clothes even if you get caught by heavy rain.

If we are researching for a book then we would take action camera and GPS watch Also a note book and pen, and bluetooth keyboard for the phone (so we can type things in a word document) and charger for everything. If you want to keep a diary during the trek, take a notebook.

Enjoy your trip! 🙂