A special place on the GR-70

A special place

A donkey and a pony playfully chased each other on a meadow not far off the busy GR-70 long distance trail. A small black lamb charged after them, desperately wanting to join in the fun. They were at home on the big field and enjoyed their freedom at this special place. Sometimes they all stopped for a rest and stared at us curiously while munching on some grass.

We were sitting in front of the gypsy caravan that was to be our accommodation for the night. On that day we walked 35km from Florac. We covered two sections of the Robert Louis Stevenson trail (GR70), before arriving at the farmhouse near St German de Calberte.
Less than a year ago – when we first walked the GR-70 long distance trail – we spent a night in the gypsy caravan in this very same, peaceful place in France.

Gypsy caravan
Gypsy caravan

The gypsy caravan

The gypsy caravan stood in the far end of the large garden. With a rushing stream just behind the stone wall that enclosed the farmhouse and its land. We received a warm welcome from our host when we arrived tired and sweaty. He was eager to hear about our day. And we were also delighted to hear that their business was doing well. They were fully booked for most nights during the summer. The wooden floor creaked as we stepped into the caravan. It was furnished with a double bed and some shelves. After a refreshing shower we sat outside on the small terrace.

The evening sunshine didn`t reach the bottom of the valley and the temperature quickly dropped as we feasted on cheese, fresh bread and some wine.
We stayed outside as long as it was possible and only returned to the caravan when the evening turned into night.

Inside the caravan


Breakfast was served in the farmhouse. We sat around the long dining table, in the cosy kitchen and enjoyed the variety of jams with bread and coffee. And then after breakfast, our host drove us back to Saint German de Calberte. There we said our farewells and re-joined the RLS GR-70 long distance trail.