How to travel light

Bag policy

With the budget airlines constantly changing the size and weight allowances of the checked in and carry on bags. You will have to pack your bags carefully (check bag policy) to avoid paying an extra fee at the airport. Learn how to travel light!

The first step is to carefully check your airline`s bag policy. If you decide to have a checked in bag, make sure you stay within the size and weight allowances. However if you are travelling somewhere in Europe and want to avoid paying extra money, you can (with most airlines) travel with only a small carry on bag.
If you are off to explore some trails and planning to spend your days with walking, and maybe plan some sightseeing you won`t really need a big bag. You can travel light easily.

Pack smart

Wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes when travelling and the rest of your clothes will easily fit into a carry on bag. Take some quick dry clothes that you can easily rinse in the evenings if necessary. Make sure you take a waterproof jacket and a warm fleece or jumper as well. For a week long holiday I usually only take the following items:

-2 short and 1 long sleeve technical t-shirts for walking
-hiking trousers
-waterproof jacket
- 2-3 summer tops
- shorts and denim skirt, maybe a summer dress
- sandals
- sun hat
- underwear
- 2-3 pairs of hiking socks
- sleepwear (usually a T-shirt)
- kindle

Jacint brings similar items except the summer dress and denim skirt and he packs the camera and the necessary cables.
I wear a pair of long jeans, a top, maybe a hoodie and my hiking boots at the airport and for travelling. As for toiletries you can take travel sized items or you can buy them at the airport or at your destination.
All this fit into a carry on bag (soft sided) and a backpack, so we both only take one bag on the plane (my smaller backpack for day walks is packed into the carry on bag). Remember, how to travel light and pack smart!