Time for chestnuts

Time to harvest

It is that time of the year again, time to collect chestnuts. Days are getting shorter and colder. The green leaves turn deep red and yellow and it is time to harvest this delicacy, (Castanea sativa). It is also a very important cooking/baking ingredient in Madeira.

The sweet chestnut is an important ingredient for tasty cakes in many countries, but it seems less popular in the UK.

Tasty ingredient

No doubt it is time consuming to gather enough chestnuts for a tasty cake, but the real hard work only starts at home. We love treats made from chestnuts. Every autumn we search the forest floor – near our home town – for the spiky shells that hid the shiny brown chestnuts.


At home we cook them and patiently free them from their shells. And then we freeze them in batches, ready to be used at anytime during the winter.

Last weekend – after collecting a big bag of chestnuts – we made an Italian honey and chestnut cake. The recipe of this delicious cake can be found on BBC Goodfood website.