Ben Fogle in Guildford

The adventurer

Listening to Ben Fogle, the adventurer in our home town in Guildford was a real treat. Every year we celebrate our anniversary with a holiday at the beginning of October. During the holiday we walk every day, exploring mountains while enjoying the late summer sunshine.

Chantry woods

We are lucky to have some pretty trails nearby, but if we can`t travel, the next best thing is to read and hear about other people`s adventures.

Ben Fogle in our town

So not surprisingly, when I discovered that Ben Fogle, the modern day adventurer was coming to Guildford as part of his tour I booked tickets for the evening.

Chantry woods

And I am glad we went, as we had a great evening. Ben Fogle shared his experiences from rowing across the Atlantic, completing a race to the South Pole to swimming with crocodiles. These adventures then lead to fulfil his boyhood dream of climbing Everest. It was an inspiring evening with lots of video clips and we walked home in the cold dark night, wishing that we could soon go on an adventure.