A perfect day


The GR-70 long distance trail

There was a constant humming from the valley as the river rushed on rocks and a group of birds shared some news with each other on the nearby tree. Across the valley, the mountain slope still bathed in sunshine but it was getting colder as the day slowly gave way to the evening. However I stubbornly sat outside with a glass of wine.
It was the evening of the seventh day on the GR-70 long distance trail in France and in many ways it was one of the best days.

River Tarn
River Tarn

We stocked up for the day in Le Belymard and left the village in the morning. We climbed forest tracks with some mountain views, then passed the deserted ski resort. The building was quiet and the ski lifts were dangling without anything to do. As we climbed Mount Lozére in the sunshine the extensive views forced me to stop several times, but we reached the top before midday.

The summit

The barren summit – the highest point of the trail – was too windy to stop for a picnic, so after admiring the views we started the descent. We found a perfect flat rock on the sunny slope, where we feasted on cheese and baguette. I believe that many top restaurants wouldn`t be able to provide views like we had there. The rock-scattered grassy slope lead to a forest and mountains dominated the landscape.

picnic near the summit of Mount Lozére
Picnic near the summit of Mount Lozére

After lunch we descended through forest and walked across the quiet hamlet of Finiels and then followed the yellow broom lined track. Rock-scattered mountains, deep blue, green and yellow colours dominated our surroundings.

Le Pont de Montvert

We arrived at Le Pont de Montvert in the afternoon. The small village is built on the banks of the River Tarn and in the summertime this place is busy with people splashing in the frigid water. This time we didn`t have to share the charming spot we found, the rushing water filtered out the noise from the village and we spent some relaxing time on the rocks.

Perfect spot
Perfect spot

The terrace of the small holiday house where we were to spend the night overlooked the valley. It was an excellent place to spend a relaxing evening before we would walk to Florac on the following day on the GR-70 long distance trail.